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Microsoft Power BIConsulting Services

Transforming business critical datasets into easy-to-use interactive boards filled with rich visuals, giving you and overview like never before.

Power BI Consulting and Implementation Strategy

While data can hold the answers to your mission-critical questions, traditional BI solutions are complex and overwhelming. They integrate multiple sources of information that require transformation into business intelligence information. With the right visuals, your company’s data can give you deep insights about operations, where to improve processes or focus sales efforts, market and industry trends, and much more.

Together with our consulting team find the best uses for bringing the best out of custom Power BI solutions for your company. Our data team uses APIs and seamless integrations with Microsoft Suite, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle to pull in information from hundreds of sources. This ensures your organization has a secure platform that’s compliant across all users.

Power BI Dashboards boost operational efficiency in real-time

Data visualization is a main benefit of Power BI, with the ability to build optimal dashboards for data displayed. Your custom dashboard will give your team insights and information about what’s happening as it happens. Make quick decisions by gaining insight from easy-to-understand visuals in real time without having to go through large amounts of reports or documents that can take hours if not days beforehand. Share & implement adjustments based on visualized data collaboratively within the organization using Power BI’s collaborative environment feature so more than one person can view and edit at once instead of making changes individually over weeks/months before they are implemented into production. By using data modelling, machine learning and analytical concepts you cand make informed decisions based on the company’s data.

Our team of consultants at IXOBI can help you optimize the value of Power BI, allowing for advanced analytics to be more intuitive and less time-consuming. Predict outcomes and prevent failures in your assets/operations with ease by presenting valuable trends along with correlations that were once unseen so you can take the best data-driven decisions.

Power BI Analysis Reports: An overview of your operations

Power BI is a great tool for business data analysis because it has intuitive filters and features that make the process easier. It allows users to drag-and-drop their information, structured or unstructured, so they can see trends from different angles, making manual or spreadsheet analysis less tedious. Food Services, Logistics, Healthcare and Manufacturing companies empower their teams with personalized dashboards for enabling real-time insights so that they can take informed actions.

With the help of powerful filters, you’ll be able to visualize a unique perspective of your data through graphics, charts and tables that will aid in interpretation across an entire organization. Not only can these reports monitor your data over time with interactive features like being able to drill down per day, month, or quarter, but they also let users view their own customized datasets on demand for insightful self-service analysis which is especially useful when working remotely or offsite.

Access your data and view dashboards anywhere, any time with Power BI Mobile

With Power BI based mobile apps, you can monitor your business from anywhere with real-time data. From iOS to Android and Windows devices, our team is here to help create a custom dashboard for better insights about company KPIs that are easy to access even when out of the office!

With our Power BI consultants, create a dynamic business intelligence environment quickly. With interactive data visuals and personalized reports on your mobile device, get a unique 360-degree view of your business.

Our Microsoft Power BI consultants can help create a dynamic business intelligence environment quickly. Get a unique, 360-degree view of your business in the form of interactive data visuals and personalized reports all on your mobile device.

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