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IXOBI - Digital transformation in transportation and logistics

Digital supply chains and digitization/transformation

Logistics operations have evolved significantly thanks to recent advancements in technology and these improvements will likely continue for many years to come. The unparalleled growth of online shopping has led to a digital transformation of the logistics industry. Thanks powerful e-commerce leaders, logistics companies will be forced to become faster, more efficient, and more versatile.

What Is Digital Transformation?

When digital technology are integrated into every area of an industry, it is called a digital transformation. As a result, it will have a significant impact on how enterprises in the industry operate and provide services to their clients.

How Is Digitization Changing Logistics Industry

The logistics business is rapidly changing, thanks to automation services like those offered by IXOBI. Logistics firms are adopting digitization to become leaner, faster, and more efficient as the industry undergoes a digital transition.



The global pandemic has forced companies to embrace automation. Hyper-automation is a combination of various technologies that aim to enhance logistics efficiencies. Its major goal is to create a seamless transition between various areas: sales, suppliers, planning, purchases, and distribution, while also reducing human involvement.


Elastic logistics allows companies to scale the supply chain operations up or down depending on the market demand. It is specifically designed to withstand fluctuation periods and manage the operations with more efficiency. Some of the most common challenges this trend tackles are underutilization of vehicles, warehousing limitations, and overstocking.

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