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IXOBI - Data Analytics Services

Discover the Power of Data with Intelligent Analytics

When Intelligent Analytics meet the Power of Data

IXOBI’s data science and analytics services can be applied to end-to-end business intelligence needs. These solutions contribute towards enhanced customer experience, product strategy, and decision-making capabilities for your organization. Our Centre of Excellence enables organizations to overcome data challenges with our proven expertise in Data Visualization, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We are also experts at building Unified Data Platforms that allow companies to collect all their information into one place for better insight across the organization.

We are passionate about our work and integrated approach to business analytics. We have experience in a variety of industries like Insurance, Financial Services, Logistics and Healthcare.

Data Science & Analytics Services

With multi-disciplinary domain expertise and business modernization capabilities, we enable organizations to unlock the true potential of their data.

Strategy Development & Consulting

Data science and analytics are powerful tools that businesses can use to make their products more effective, but they don’t always know where or how to begin. We help our clients identify what data is needed for a project as well as the feasibility of implementing it into their business models, so you get exactly what your company needs.

Data Warehousing

Business insights are the heart of your organization, so you need to bolster them with sound data architecture and warehouse design, extract transform load (ETL), cloud-based data warehouses, big data processing techniques as well as migration from legacy systems.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The best way to reap the benefits of BI is through intelligent strategy and consulting. We offer enterprise-level BI services done by certified developers, data engineers, analysts, and data scientists.

Data Acquisition and Integration

Acquire a holistic data acquisition system by buying from trusted sources, connecting with legacy and enterprise databases to combine all the necessary information together in one place. There are specific methods for acquiring certain types of data, but these should be combined into an integrated whole through MDM and governance systems so that this single source has everything needed to make decisions properly about your company’s operations.

Analytics and Data Visualizations

Our business analytics solutions help organizations extract actionable insights from their data and enhance decision-making capabilities significantly. We have a variety of methods for identifying trends, patterns, optimization opportunities, and more in your company’s information so you can make the best choices possible.

AI & Machine Learning (ML)

Data Science is a field that helps businesses improve their business outcomes with advanced data cleaning & preparation, statistical analysis and model evaluation, machine learning framework selection along with deep learning development.

Industry Use Cases


A dashboard that combines data from multiple sources, automatically analyzes it for you in real-time, and then shows visualizations of the results to allow sales managers to identify best practices.


Optimization for your portfolio can be enhanced with deeper market insights. We offer professional advisory services, product development services and resources (data analyst, BI Analyst, Developer & Tester).


Data science-powered solution for fault predictions, preventive maintenance, demand forecasting, and price optimization. State-of-the-art data analytics solution improved productivity, reduced risk, and optimized supply chain.


A dashboard with rich visuals allowed stakeholders to streamline patient engagement and improve existing procedures for costs and claims.

Logistics and Supply Chain

The client will have a custom-made business intelligence solution to support data-driven decisions in the supply chain of their company. The goal is to minimize late shipments, enhance visibility on shipment status, reduce losses due to late/off schedule shipments and identify new opportunities for growth within the industry.


Cutting-edge recommendation engine that improves customer experience and profitability by analyzing relevant KPIs such as purchase behavior, customer churn, cross-selling opportunities missed/won, cart abandonment, CLV, etc.

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