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RPA Development Services

Accelerate Innovation & Business Efficiency Through Robotic Process Automation

RPA software development is giving businesses a new competitive edge by elevating workforce productivity and overcoming operational vulnerabilities through the automation of business processes. RPA’s smart, computerized “bots” streamline and automate repetitive, mundane tasks that are prone to human error. Bots can read files quickly as well as copying and pasting data, access and create folders, extract and process structured content so that in the end you will have intelligent operational processes.

Our Robotic Process Automation Development Services can help you expand your automation horizon with RPA solutions. Our Center of Excellence empowers organizations to transform the business ecosystem by integrating cognitive technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that result in streamlined performance and customer experience. Our team uses UiPath, Microsoft Power Platform and many other tools–to not only increase productivity but also improve the value automation can bring to modern businesses.

We believe that our ‘automation-first agile mindset’ will enable us to deliver high value of automation, digital transformation and new technology adoption without having to replace the existing system.

Our RPA Offerings

Automation solutions can help you improve your business beyond conventional automation by providing strategy creation, implementation, and more. Below is a snapshot of our offerings for RPA:

RPA Consulting Services

With professional advisory we will validate the use cases and chalk-out strategies on how to adopt RPA solutions. It is a proof-of-concept model, an assessment for RPA readiness, gap analysis in terms of where you are vs where you want to be with respect to automation capabilities along with recommendations based on findings from this study.

RPA Implementation Services

Using the Agile methodology we deliver bots in phases (pilot and full-scale) while also testing integration with AI or other cognitive technologies

RPA Software Development

Building on already tested platforms, we develop specialized solutions for each company, no company is the same and neither should their solution.

RPA Integration Services

To make the most out of RPA solutions, it’s important to integrate them into custom workflows instead of using a pre-built process. By integrating these systems with ERP platforms like SAP or Oracle; CRM tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics; or CMS systems including SharePoint—you can get more value from your investment in automation technology.

RPA Development Support

We have time-proven accelerators for custom development of RPA software or RPA-enabled product, on-demand solution architects and developers skilled in Microsoft and UiPath.

RPA Managed Services

We offer SLA based arrangements the maintenance of our RPA solutions, administration, help desk and on demand. We also offer ad-hoc maintenance based on hourly/weekly/monthly support, on and off-site.

RPA Solutions Across Industry

Robotic Process Automation empowers you to offload tasks in any department or industry by automating mundane repetitive tasks. This no-code technology boosts productivity, accuracy, cost-saving, and scalability in nearly every department, across the enterprise to improve your bottom line.

Financial Services

RPA is an efficient tool that can streamline financial workflows by making your data more sensitive and complex, coordinating the knowledge workers in a company while simplifying decision-making processes. It also automates data push/pull for you to make self-service reporting easier along with expanding cognitive bandwidths for everyone involved.

  • Registration-reporting process of supporting documents
  • Asset Management processes
  • Fiscal declarations
  • Onboarding
  • Account Receivables process


With RPA, insurance companies can personalize user experiences and automate routine tasks. This ensures operational efficiency while also providing a better experience for customers.

  • Claims processing
  • Improving compliance and regulation
  • Data export and upload
  • Web Scrapping, data conversion and data formatting

Logistics & Supply Chain

RPA increases productivity and efficiency by automating workflows, centralizing information siloed in various systems, allowing access to real-time data.

  • Robots dedicated to invoice processing
  • Automated management of requests (internal and from customers)
  • Automation of data entry/extraction from different IT systems (automatic connection with accounting, management, etc.)
  • Increase invoicing speed by integrating with customer / supplier portals
  • Efficient communication (automatic retrieval of requests for future shipments)
  • Transmission of information to warehouses and transporters, capturing any changes in data, routes and storage locations; data entry into centralized IT system / ERP / Warehouse Management


The healthcare industry deals with a lot of sensitive data, paperwork, siloed applications and processes that do not communicate with each other. This makes it the most suitable domain for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

  • Front office processes
  • Payment and Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Claims Processing

RPA Tools We Leverage

RPA Development Success Stories

Robotic Process Automation - Archiving Bot

The project provides support for accounts via a central archiving robot, which archives automatically ~90% of all SeMa tickets are single posting tickets. The final solution consisted in using UiPath to automate the entire process. It was a web and SAP automation, with a business impact of 825000 EUR.

Short process: the robot enters the ticketing platform (SeMa), applies the necessary filters for each country (33 in total), selects the un-archived tickets in the sap.

For each ticket, depending on the SAP client / company code, it logs into the system, enters the necessary transactions for each accounting post where the documents must be added and attaches the archive generated by the ticketing platform.

Robotic Process Automation - Shipment Creation

Project required the shipment entry to be fully automated by the RPA solution, so all the manual steps performed previously by the user will be covered by the bot.

The final solution consisted in using Kofax RPA to automate the entire process. The input from the user (80% from excel file) is processed and stored in a database, from where we extract the data we use in the process. At the end of the bot execution, an excel based output file and PDF's for each shipment (created using screen scraping) are sent to users by email. Most of the elements within the application did not have selectors recognized by the Kofax RPA component, therefore the vast majority were built applying regex and JavaScript manipulation rules.

Project Qualitative Benefits: Booking request sent on time; Open activities closed on time; Increase accuracy of data; Shipment processing will be of a much higher quality; No delays in booking the invoices received.

Robotic Process Automation - Global collection process

Project: collection process handles open customer invoices to be paid and collected. The process revolves around repetitive tasks like report generation, updates on SAP/portals, extractions, emails

Collection also handles other areas such as resolving disputes, dunning and validation of paid invoices. The most common argument for keeping an invoice unpaid is the missing invoice. Customers claim that they are not willing to pay an unknown invoice and they request a copy to book it and pay it if they agree with the billing details. Necessity to (re)send invoice copies is triggered by 3 main Accounts receivable activities:

1. Statement of account
2. Dunning
3. Collection activities

The final solution consisted in combining several technologies to automate the entire process. It was a web and SAP/ODM automation, with a business impact of 1.320.000 EUR. In order to accomplish desired results, we used Kofax RPA, Python script in SAP, Microsoft Power Automate (Flows and Power Apps). It was a complex process to automate, due to the applications with which the robot had to interact and the need for fast execution times of the process in real time.

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